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Word from Shannon Clark

WORD from Shannon Clark (Vinelife Church) – April 2021

I was sitting in my office and felt this huge urgency in my spirit where the Lord seemingly shouted to me and said “Tell them (leaders in the region) to get their infrastructure in place for the harvest! They do not have as much time as they think and they won’t have time to build it when it happens!” What this looks like is identifying your leaders in your Body (Mom’s and Dad’s), start setting up small groups, prepare and train them into discipleship if they need it, get their buy in, get their “Yes'” to whatever the Lord does next, and then tell them to “Get Ready”! It’s a “buckle up church” moment. The Lord is about to move in a significant way very soon, not just what we have seen before, but actual Revival and a Move of God.

I felt like there is going to be a very brief lull for the Lord to prepare the body to “get ready”. It’s the moment right now to finish building the ark before the animals and rain start showing up.

We are in Luke 5 season. Jesus is about to get into our boat and tell us to put the nets (our networks and relationships on the region) into to the water. The caught fish (the response of harvest) will be so high that it will begin to burst the nets. There will be such a response that there will not be enough leaders, small groups, discipleship programs, and infrastructure from the Body of Christ to hold what’s coming!

I believe where we are as the Body sit right now – is where the disciples are cleaning out their nets in Luke 5:2. Cleaning out what has been caught in the nets that needs to be removed. The Lord is removing pride, sin, immorality, lack of truth, laziness, slander, form/formulas of church, the familiarity of the presence in the wrong way (lack of fear of the Lord), assumption of what the Lord is doing, etc. out of the church (out of the nets). I did some research on why cleaning nets is so important. In Biblical times, fishermen used sailboats to fish and would drag their nets along the ocean/lake floor to get fish. They would pick up rocks, debris, seaweed, etc. If the nets weren’t cleaned, this dragging of the nets would kill any new fish caught in the net because of the pressure and weight from the rocks. If debris and seaweed weren’t removed, the decomposing could introduce disease into the new fish which would ultimately kill them.

I believe the Lord is also doing Psalm 24 in this season, “Who may ascend the hill? Those with clean hands and pure hearts… So that the King of Glory may come in.” His identifying the cleaning of hands and hearts (seeing and leading to repentance aka ‘Holy Spirit clean up crew’) to ascend so that He, the KING OF GLORY, truly may come in in an unprecedented way in the Body and this season of massive increase.

So it’s a “don’t dawdle and get ready” season. Colorado is ripe for a move of God and we are about to step into the 100-year anniversary of a revival that happened with Aimee Semple McPherson in 1921 that rode the coattails of pandemic (the Spanish Influenza).