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400 Gathering Vision For Colorado Churches at Worship On The Rocks

September 16, 2019

At Worship on the Rocks 2019, as Pastor Peter Young was talking about the history of revival of Colorado, I heard the Lord say that the time is now! It is time to gather the leaders of churches together. I felt like there were 400 church leaders that would join together in the Colorado region to see a move of the Spirit like never before.

Also felt the Lord caution not to just try and build this…but to co-labor with Him. This plan is HIS heart, HIS idea, HIS desire, HIS strategy, and it is for THIS region. He is already stirring the hearts of pastors of churches. So this is not a sales pitch, but a presentation of the Heart of God and an invitation to join with God’s plan, with His will! He is asking for those (pastors) who say “Yes” to partner together in a way that they are laying down the “agenda” of building or maintaining their church, for the greater purpose of Building His Church – through the Unity of the Body and seeing the Giftings of each church used to strengthen other churches.

I felt like the Keys will be Extensive Prayer, Fasting & Worship together – Seeking His face. Bringing the Church into a new understanding of Holiness & Righteousness…that becomes a new way of life. With a new focus of harvesting souls and cultivating warriors …. as we come into a “time” of the greatest expansion ever of the Kingdom of God. These will be Kingdom Minded Leaders establishing a Kingdom- Minded Church! There is a PURIFICATION of the Bride that is required! Righteousness is going to RULE in the Church once again!

These pastors will dedicate themselves to the Lord in a new way. Humility will be the mantra of these leaders and this will be carried in to the churches – establishing the unity and purity of His Church.

Once the 400 are in place, there will be a wave of the Spirit…of Fire…and Love released, establishing the Family of God with Jesus as the head…as Lord.

Once the unity is established: I felt like there would be a gathering in the Bronco Stadium, which interestingly the name of the stadium was just changed to “EMPOWER” Field just days before this event! And that this stadium would be FILLED! But that this would be different than other stadium events. People would not be coming to the stadium for the “Big Names”. BUT people would be coming because they wanted to experience JESUS! The drawing would be the Holy Spirit and a demonstration of His Power! I felt like we would experience repentance of hearts, signs and miracles, great demonstrations of the power of the Spirit – people getting out of wheel chairs, raised from the dead, every sickness would be healed! BUT without the “Big Names” as headliners.

Funds will come in from unexpected sources. No promotion will be required except word of mouth and social media. I was talking with Lou Engle that evening and when he said “2020”, my spirit leapt! I believe there will be an acceleration of this in a way that this comes together faster than we could possibly have happen in our own ability! This will happen through our availability, not our ability. This will be something that changes the course of history…heaven invading earth!

As I finished writing this, I heard the Lord singing a new song over us, over this region, over Colorado …”It’s a New Season!”

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