Email Sent on 1/22/2021 150 150 Mike Polhemus

Email Sent on 1/22/2021

Beloved Pastors, Leaders, Intercessors and Children of God,

I apologize for the short notice, but am prayerful that ALL of you can attend.  May the Lord rearrange anything that conflicts with this gathering.  This is an important time!

The next 400 Gathering is scheduled:  
Date & Time:  Monday, February 1, 2021 from 9a-12p 
Address: The Rock Church  (4881 Cherokee Dr. Castle Rock 80109) 

The battle is upon us.  It is not just attacking our generation, but the focus of this attack is on our children and our children’s children.  It is time for the body of Christ to rise up, link arms, and fight.  Would you be willing to gather together with the Lord’s beloved ones on February 1st to give all glory to God and to make known on earth and in the heavens and to all generations that we are one in Spirit for His glory and that His love and truth will reign? 

If we think we can fight on our own, we are mistaken.  We have tried this for decades and look where it has gotten us.  It is time to join forces.  The importance of the 400 Gathering has become more evident.  Be encouraged by the hundreds of pastors and leaders that have already joined together with the heart of Christ and an understanding of the importance of oneness in the Spirit.  However we have not reached the call for 400.   The time has come and the battle lines are forming.  The Lord has set us apart as priests and kings for His kingdom and it is time to put the enemy to flight!  

2021 WILL BE the year the true Church aligns with King Jesus.  Holiness and righteousness are eminent and true humility established through His LOVE and TRUTH will pave the way.  God is cleaning house, purifying His bride, and awakening His Church.  It is not a time to sit and watch, but to stand firm and engage.  We cannot shrink back.  

Please read the vision of the 400 Gathering given back in September 2019.  If you have heard it already, I encourage you to read it again and pray into it.  Allow the Lord to stir your heart into greater action.

Click HERE for the 400 Gathering Vision in English.

Click HERE for the 400 Gathering Vision in Spanish.

Please reach out and share the vision and invite other pastors, business leaders, and ministry leaders to join us for the 400 Gathering.  Those who remain isolated will eventually crumble.  We are meant to run together – to fight together!

This is His time.  And we will be a people who are ALL IN for King Jesus.  We will be those who are willing to lay down our lives, our churches, our ministries for the greater purpose of furthering God’s kingdom.  We will engage in a course of strategy for the Church to harvest souls and cultivate kingdom warriors.  Let us prepare the way of the Lord together – AS ONE!  Heaven is about to invade Colorado! 

To Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations!

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