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God’s DNA NETwork

In the Fall of 2020, the Lord showed me a picture of a net, and then began to show me another larger picture of many nets all across the region.  Jesus said, ‘every church and ministry following after Me has a net for the harvest catch.’  Then the Lord showed me these churches and ministries laying down their ‘nets’, their spheres of influence and platforms, anointing and prophetic callings, and when they did, the Lord worked with them to aid them in mending their nets and cleaning out all the debris (programs, processes, mindsets, pursuits, ambitions, etc from the old season).  As the nets were mended when laid down, the Lord started intertwining the nets so that they interlocked with one another and could no longer be differentiated from one another.  Then the Lord spoke, ‘One big net for One great catch.’  

As the fish began to be pulled in during this harvest, no one ministry or church received the credit or glory because they had learned to become One and moved as One net that worked with One accord to pull in the harvest (Acts 2:1 & 46, 4:32).  The beauty was that as this took place, our Lord Jesus received all the glory, honor and praise for what had been done as there was no longer any competition, self-seeking glory or desire to have one’s church/ministry name receive the credit.  Since it was One net, the glory went to One place…Only Jesus! I saw that as the nets were woven together, each Church & ministry shared their unique anointing with all the other churches across the region.  The churches that moved with a strong prophetic anointing were sharing and spreading that prophetic anointing all across the large net in the region and each church & ministry that was connected benefited from that anointing in the Lord.  Other churches that were especially anointed with worship or evangelism did the same, and all the churches and ministries across that NETwork of the LORD received that anointing and were blessed with increase of effectiveness in the revival.  I then saw the horizontal picture of the big net flipped into vertical position, and once I saw this, the net became an intricate, brilliantly and beautifully complex DNA strand.  As I saw this I heard the Lord say, ‘This is My Body, the DNA of Oneness with Me and with one another (John 17).’ I saw the anointing of Jesus pumping through this large DNA strand just like a heart that pumps blood through the body, yet this ‘heart beat’ pumped the breakthrough, healing, provision, acceleration, abundance, etc that God had blessed a church with and pumped it into His whole DNA NETwork that had become One in Him.

John 17:21 “that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us, that the world may believe that You sent Me.”

I hear the Lord say, ‘I am moving my Church from covenant of lips to covenant of heartI am anointing my Body to receive this gift of Oneness through My Spirit and blessing them with the Grace to Embrace the process and the journey of becoming ONE.  Let Go and Let ME.’  This is a Radical move of the Lord to move us away from all we’ve known corporate Church to be, and to step into being His Kingdom Warrior Bride that operates with one heart, one mind and one purpose as ONE in the LORD. 

Acts 1:14, 2:1 & 46, 4:32 (in tune, in sync, of one heart= they were ALL going the same way spiritually together) one soul/mind-to breathe, to breathe spiritually together) Result? GREAT Power & GREAT Grace-God’s response to their corporate prayers of crying out to Him together as One!Mending of the nets- Matthew 4:21 & Mark 1:19 They were where it was familiar, doing what they had known when suddenly Jesus called out to them to leave ALL they’d known, lay down their nets and follow after Him. 

Lord God, we honor You and thank You for the privilege to be alive on the earth for such a time as this.  We stretch out our hands and rend our hearts crying out to You and say with One Accord, ‘Your Will, Your Way, Yahweh!!’  Holy Spirit, please lead us and guide us in the way we should go as You council us with Your eye upon us, that we may step into Your prayer for Oneness Jesus!  We cannot do this in our own strength, ability or anointing.  Jesus, we surrender to You and decree, let it be unto us according to Your Word in John 17.  We love You Lord and give You all the glory, honor and praise King Jesus!  Thanks be to You Lord God for teaching us to become One!!~Pastor Nicholas BartaJuly 10th 2021